New deal restrictions some buyers, real estate investment trusts also need to be cautious

citizen King was going to purchase 3 million deposit on the new policy of "five" introduced after buying back. "Now that buying a house plan to temporarily stop buy other products." Have heard friends say trust product yields are good, so the King chose an investment company ready to make the investment trust products. But after listening to the introduction of financial, Mr hesitated, now product yields were lower than the original 5%! Such a low income still do not trust it?

Wang trust income reduction is more than the public one can feel the trust industry this year, industry insiders said the trust income is generally lower, only individual products to maintain past gains. Even the real estate investment trust products in order to boost investor enthusiasm to reduce financing pressure reassured investors the risk of panic, time changed to quarterly payments of coupon payments product.

recovery in real estate prices is one reason for the lower earnings of the trust products, reduced risk of rebound of the property market real estate investments, developer funding Bank loans has improved real estate investments in other areas of narrowing the cost gap. In addition, the new policy-sensitive real estate trusts more stressful.

real estate investment trusts also need to be cautious

new "five" has its advantages and disadvantages, secondary transfer 20% tax levy, many buyers turned to a new House, while developers began to keen on real estate trusts, but under the strict rules the developer might face financial pressures. This year, according to statistics the trust's real estate trust plan has a circulation of around 45%, accounted for half the scale of the issue raised in the same period, and will occupy an important position.


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