Mortgage loan transaction process

many new houses's friends do not understand what housing is able to get a mortgage, if you can, and what considerations should we take note of it?

according to small series of learned, in fact, whether it is to buy a new home or buy second-hand housing, are actually able to get mortgages. But, wants to handle second-hand mortgage of process in the, we must first to Bureau check clear housing of ownership and whether has loan, please paragraph, second-hand if also has loan in body, so on only handle turned mortgage has, and

we in handle second-hand of mortgage loan of when, buyers and sellers are need prepared good customer of information and housing of information, sale of both and spouse of ID, and account this and married certificate, buy room people of both income proved and stamps,, even including just applications Insurance, Attorney for natural persons, ownership you will need two original, assessment reports, original and copy of the contract requires the borrower, tax returns, and payment lists.

second-hand housing mortgage process, purchase no less than of the total housing price 30%, loan interest rates, the five-year period with their provident fund interest rate of 4.5%. Below the five-year period in accordance with 4% for personal housing accumulation Fund, commercial loans are set according to the different circumstances in different regions.

mortgage loan processing steps is divided into six steps:

1, application material submitted. Applicant to submit an application to the Bank, and submit the housing contract of sale, the new borrower's down payment receipts, and new profile of the borrower.

2, Bank auditing, auditing and then signed a contract of mortgage of personal property;

3, insurance procedures

4, the original loan mortgage registration formalities

5, Bank refinance mortgage loans

6, the Bank will be the original of the insurance policy original loans to the borrower of the borrower, the original borrower for the surrender procedures on their own.

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