Inspired by foreign housing subsidy measures

this year United States plans to spend $ 19 billion to support the rental subsidy scheme in order to solve the housing problems of low-income families and poor families, relieve the families rely on bank loans to buy a House burden. At present, there are about 1.3 million United States households receive such subsidies help. This operation has brought significant results, families receiving housing subsidies to families living situation is significantly higher than without subsidies. Living satisfaction and sense of life has significantly improved, children of poor families in crime also dropped significantly.

United States a series of results from this subsidy policy, for China's housing and real estate market development can also give some inspiration?

at present, some poor families and low-income young families cannot afford to buy a House, our country is now enabled by social housing construction hut area to solve the housing problems of this segment of the population. According to statistics, beginning in 2011 plans to invest 130 million to build affordable housing and reconstruction of about 10 million units. Take some of the money which the Central Government and local governments, community and businesses bear part of the capital, family portion of funding remains a burden for many families. CHFS data shows that most urban household's income level is the need of the country under family funds, this part of the home mortgage balances and income than the national average level of urban residents a higher rate.

If we can learn from foreign housing subsidy policy will release existing large cities and towns to save room, make this supplement then at least of the housing market will solve the housing problems of 700duowanjia Chamber, to current housing vacancy rate in cities and towns can fully meet the needs of this part of the rent. Relative to the large-scale projects safeguard building of housing, subsidies would be a more flexible means of Government control.


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