Earthquakes, is able to free mortgage

earthquake has, House didn't has, but owes of mortgage also has in, owes Xia of room paragraph can exemption off does? if met this problem, has been for are is we by concern of, Bank of people said, wants to all exemption off repayment is impossible of, on like Wenchuan earthquake in the of as, as long as meet must of conditions yihou is has may exemption off, addition, as currently weizhi, Also not close any bank issued waiver policy.

some Bank for affected of customer will launched repayment grace of method, on like Pu sent Bank past by implemented of as, diverted active for disaster of housing mortgage loan and personal business sex of loan made contact, according to borrowing people of affected situation to for for loan grace measures, efforts slow affected people of burden debt, and peace Bank is is on credit card, small micro-Bank, consumption loan, customer this month from card, while repayment of extended 3 months.

for mortgage of processing Shang, Bank this must also will reference Wenchuan of earthquake mortgage processing of method, for mortgage of processing, Wenchuan earthquake when, disaster of mortgage repayment is can extended of, if has mortgage loan of housing has destroyed has, so when is can temporarily not repayment has, but need get Government new yihou or again and Bank signed contract Shi, new contract Shang must has involved extension of terms, and defined repayment amount,, House if didn't has, mortgage relationship is cannot void of , The entire family was killed in the earthquake, funds available to the Bank for the first time by reserves, by financial sector process, verify the relevant loan, victims built private houses destroyed, when buying a new property, you can enjoy relevant preferential regulatory minimum down payment 10%.


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