Do you buy a House with several tricks for reference

80, having a successful career, this is a happy family, buy a House also was on the agenda. For generation, buying a House first emphasis on cost-effective, practicality of the House is preferred. Home loans, auto loans, credit cards accounted for generation of economic life, now small series is intended to teach you a few buying tips, you can explicitly choose the right property.


real estate closer to average house price higher than 80%, so the first consider the percentage of the rooms of the House.

trick two

according to their economic capacity and savings of full use of the Fund, select less than 850,000 loan amount when the loan House. You can avoid huge amounts of interest on commercial loans.

trick three

as a decoration of houses to choose, you can reduce some of the renovation costs, the House can be checked directly. But you can't have too high expectations, and will pay more attention to the House standards.

trick four

grasp the REF sent area offers. Many businesses opening promotional gift will be introduced when a certain area of concessions, despite the General presentation of Bay Windows, balconies, open-air garden like the measures, still others will launch small rooms affordable. If you have the satisfaction of giving some details, information such as the contract is marked, needs a lot of attention.

trick five

in real estate sales, many missing residents will have more preferential than a period of concentrated sales, such house prices compared to the lower unit of equal quality cost-effective, requiring patience and perseverance to multiple real estate reference.

secret six

apart from buy a House money itself, associated with some extended more than costs are worthy of our attention, such as property costs, select fee more reasonable property can save a lot. After all, this is a continuing long-term spending.

secret seven

for first home buyers, select existing home as much as possible, to move into as soon as possible will be able to save rental costs and reduce expenditure.

the trick eight

pure new building opened for the first time when prices are often less than the price of this area, sometimes even more than the market price concessions.

trick nine

concerns sold property to the nearby Metro matching sets, such as in the Metro will due to rise in the future, in front of the opening of this real estate price and value.

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