Property of the new policy, "five" effect

new policies promulgated by the national "five" put the housing market has entered a new round of policy observation period. 54 cities housing data show, before April's new House sold an area of 13.9604 million square meters, some two or three lines sold area of the city is less than 5%. It can be seen that under the background of new regulatory rules in place, the property market a new wait-and-see period, and local governments ' enforcement of policies will largely determine the trend of the next phase in the property market. Also has some impact on mortgages.

"five" specific rules introduced rules relatively harsh in some cities, markets had effects fade. According to a Research Institute data show that Suzhou, Beijing heavyivy volume of the drop most pronounced down 36.82% and 20.73%, respectively. Second-hand house trading volumes decline in total six major cities of 3%, a city contract area and the decline compared to the same period last 40%.

many developers are new policies and factors such as the impact of bullish development, push has slowed. Beijing commercial housing market created only residential 3170, licence area of 334,000 square meters, compared to a modest decrease over the same period last month. Shanghai, a real estate research report also pointed out that national land market prices rise in the first quarter, the real estate investment dropped, the new construction area shrank again, subsequent commercial supply is grim.

NBS's latest data show supply, investment in real estate development, housing new construction area, real estate developer land acquisition area supply indicators remain weak. For now, the new policy will curb on investment speculative demand played a role, but the existing requirements and is not resolved, temporarily suppress or reset; once the regulation has been clearing up, surge in demand in the market, which could trigger a new round of price rises.

China's property-market over the past decade, mainly on buyers ' needs regulation, did not achieve the objective of fundamentally improve and solve the actual contradiction between supply and demand. While some of the measures had achieved some success, but the housing market is still repeated, prices frequently appears "repeatedly adjusted and rose" of the cycle. Land transfer between the high and low prices has a positive correlation, the local Government also decided to land revenue is highly dependent on local government it is difficult for repayment under the price.

faced with the complicated situation of the property market, want to fundamentally solve the problem of prices rising too fast, the core is the question of how to resolve the relationship between supply and demand, national policies should also be both demand and supply aspects. Regulatory focus should be to find ways to increase the supply of land and housing, fundamentally alleviate the rising trend.

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