Property taxes can make the market prices

after five provisions, rules part has finally landed, housing transactions to pay the first instalment of part 20% tax cases there have been, in these cases, the taxes are paid by the buyer to bear, while others are split and sellers assume.

last night, the real estate broker to disclose, is first to pay the tax in Beijing Fengtai District South Community of a second-hand House.

this morning, the reporters came to understand the tax department as well as a number of intermediary companies, for nearly a week to view, second-hand house trading volume increases, more and more people have to pay a 20% tax, basically will be a two or three a day.

Beijing morning for Government rents also told reporters that, in the tax system, according to the 20% collection, began last week and have paid, accounted for about 2% tax in the case of second-hand House, about three a day or so.

to date, many agents also complained to second-hand 20%, a company Manager, told reporters in Beijing, due to the need to 20% the difference between tax payers, there is only a single, and finally yellow, owners refuse to undertake this duty.

reporters found that the drop in the performance of housing intermediaries and intermediaries in order to increase the volume now is exempt from tax in the main room, so not many to pay turnover tax 20%.

loans net of Fujian said although the deal is not a lot, but after the implementation of the new policy, still had some subtle changes, employees engaged in mediation for nearly 10 years, said now is mainly reflected in the buyer's choice listings time out higher taxes, many people also wait, more are trying to see if we can sit down and talk.


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