Buy a House should note that several

Xiamen loan and real estate market professionals recommend, buy wedding room better prepared in its own budget, property prices, quality, peripheral equipment need to be taken into account, and understand the transaction process, and delivery on time to ensure the smooth progress of the wedding can be held on time.

from currently married room buyers purchase of preferences for analysis, married room room in the can I accounted for proportion maximum of budget is first home buyers of buyers, first will according to itself of economic bear of capacity, then set good for purchase of total spending and target property of costs, then in for a real estate for lock 1-2 months, this class of buyers used is purchase price also is purchase of regional, target sex are is is strong of, points to also very clear.

married room is to General of residential for premise, this two species of houses type compared makes people welcomes, a is lower of floor next, addition a is purchase floor age General relative more early, but for a closed for, and belongs to second-hand of range, this of staying world Shang shortest, is second-hand of maximum advantage one of, purchase married room more need note of is, due to second-hand of trading process took is long, buy second-hand of buyers must to understand clear trading process, make floor time, Buy wedding money must buy 2 to 3 per cent, saving room cost, rush to buy people, supporting facilities around the House, still and property owners to clear away, freeing up more time to plan things such as decoration, timely arrival in the plan.


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