Currently buy, loan analysis

lending rates are the same, differences mainly reflect the repayment of the mortgage banks and after sales aspects, that home buyers how to choose housing loan?


$literal young currently is market Shang buy room of main force, mortgage of down payment half also are is from wage, or parents asking for, for these just started of young,, months funds itself on more tension, repayment term should set of long points, pressure also not so big, if repayment not timely then produced has bad records, was contains into has archives among, for its yihou of credit card or loan will by is big of effect. Some $literal post work for some time, the work is relatively stable and many people, consumers should buy select equal principal repayment method to save costs.

for some 60 per cent more than 50 people, have entered the retiring State, the first consideration is the interest, should reduce the interest on the loans as a starting point, these people's purchasing power is gradually reduced, equal principal repayment options more suitable.

consumers regardless of what kind of loan is starting to, under the premise of not affecting the lives and lower interest expenses.

Street, General Street will got compensation ahead of repayment, to reduced interest of spending, for these people,, repayment combination should is matching at added ahead of part is compared reasonable of,

investment business, they most put loan to of money for investment, like make out more of funds to for investment business, so if late appeared funds paid difficult also can application mortgage to extended repayment term.

salaryman, relative income stability for a single, equal principal repayment is more appropriate for such people, such as civil servants, a steady income, but are not as high, so artful spin of the loan is crucial. Reduction of loan interest and the most acceptable.

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